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About Plugins

Plugins are programs that make UTAU easier to use.
Traditionally, they modify lyrics, timing, flags, or tuning.

You can find a list of plugins to download here.


Method 1

Drag and drop the plugin archive (.zip, .uar) into the UTAU window.
If this doesn't work, follow Method 2.

Method 2

In the UTAU window, go to Tools(T) > Plug-Ins(N) > Open Plug-Ins Folder(0).
Extract the plugin's .zip file into its own folder within the plugins folder.


To launch a plugin, Tools(T) > Plug-Ins(N), then click the name of the plugin you want to use.

Each plugin is used differently, so they will either come with a readme file or have instructions on the site you downloaded it from. If the readme is in Japanese, use a translator.