Term Japanese Definition
UTAU A singing synthesis program made in 2008.
Voicebank / Sound Source 音源 The vocals used in UTAU.
oto.ini The configuration file for UTAU voicebanks.
UST The project file for UTAU.
Tuning 調声 / 調教 The process of adjusting the pitch, flags, and other parameters in a project file to make the voicebank sound better.
Resampler エンジン The component of UTAU that acts as a vocoder and processes the raw samples in a voicebank.
Wavtool The component of UTAU that stitches together the notes processed by the resampler to play back properly.
Plugin プラグイン Addons made for UTAU by the community.
CV / Single Sound 単独音 Consonant-Vowel formatted voicebank
VCV / Continuous Sound 連続音 Vowel-Consonant-Vowel formatted voicebank
CVVC Consonant-Vowel Vowel-Consonant formatted voicebank